One Day DIY: Outdoor Fire Pit


Make the outdoors as cozy as the indoors with a quick firepit DIY. I completed this outdoor project a year ago and continue to use it regularly.

Easy DIY Outdoor Fire Pit

Pick Your Layout

It is important to have a level ground under your fire pit, by using concrete pavers you can create a level ground and add an element of design. I used 12×12 gray concrete pavers but for a more grand look, I would recommend using larger pavers, like 16×16.

If you have the time, you can dig intro the ground so that your pavers sit level with the grass. However, after living with this project for a year, I can say that simply placing the pavers over the grass works well and will settle over time.

Pick Your Fire Pit

We picked the Blue Sky smokeless fire pit for a couple of reasons. Their product selection offers many accessories that we knew we would enjoying during our nights by the fire – roasting sticks, spark screen for added safety, and the most important thing, IT BEING SMOKELESS!

Blue Sky Outdoors explains, “This fire pit is designed with a double-wall construction. Outside air is pulled into the bottom ring of holes on the burn chamber and moves through the hollow wall up to the inside ring of holes. The heated air is released through the inner ring of holes into the top of the burn chamber, infusing the fire with an extra boost of oxygen which improves the burn. The improved burn vaporizes wood particles, creating little to no smoke or embers.”

Outdoor Furniture

Even though this space is outdoors and exposed to the elements, it is possible to add small touches of decor or furniture to give it some personality. Some things to include:

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