Holiday Decor Inspiration You Can DIY

Last year, I got to visit The White House to help decorate for the holiday season. I was surprised how much of this seasonal display is hand made by artists and volunteers. Here are some of my favorite displays that I think you can totally recreate at home – on a smaller scale of course. Happy Holidays!

Kitchen Inspired Christmas Decor

Faux Candles Galore

Create a Christmas tree display using faux battery operated candles for a glowy and romantic feel. Pairing your candles with fresh flowers really brings life into your display.

Faux Candle Christmas Tree

What you’ll need:

A Kids Tree

Dedicating a tree to the kids is a fun tradition. This is also a great activity to do in a classroom setting. I recommend hand drawn self portraits or drawings of milestones that are memorable to you.

Kid Christmas Crafts

Here’s what you’ll need:

Celebrating Around The Table

Food is the best way to bring people together. Use your love of cooking or baking to decorate for the holidays. Use hand written recipe cards to create a garland that you can drape over a tree or mantle.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Silver (or gold) Bells!

Stop by your nearest Dollar Tree to grab some bells. With a little bit of gold paint, you can upgrade a plastic bell to look high end. To create a hanging display, tie festive ribbon to your new bells and hang them in tiers.

What you’ll need:

Celebrate Your Furry Friends

Don’t forget to include your furriest family members. A 3D model may be harder to craft but printing out a an image that you can glue to a cardboard sheet and cut out is totally doable.

Christmas Kitty Decor

Ornament Arches

The power of glue guns is real! This display is very grand but you can recreate it over a entry door frame or even a window in your home.

What you’ll need:

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