How to Build a Rolling Raised Garden Bed

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You don’t need a ton of space to enjoy gardening. Gardening, even in limited space, is a rewarding hobby and the perfect way to grow your own herbs and flowers. You can make the most of your available space and try our your green thumb with this rolling raised garden bed tutorial.

Small Raised Garden Bed made of Wood

I have always wanted a mini raised garden bed where I could grow cilantro, basil, and cute little flowers. This raised garden bed will live on our deck and because I added casters, I will be able to roll it around easily.

For this project, you will need the following:

  • 2×4’s wood for the frame
  • 1×6 Cedar Boards
  • 1×2’s slats (interior additional supports)
  • Exterior Screws (I recommend 1 1/4 inch)

To save a few dollars, you can replace cedar boards with fence boards.

Raised Garden Bed Tutorial

I assembled the sides of my garden bed with screws – think of it like a big box. This garden bed is about 30 inches wide and will fit perfectly under my window perfectly. Using clamps, I held together the different sides of the box in order to secure everything together.

Dewalt Clamps

Garden Bed Base

I wanted the legs of my garden bed to be completely concealed. I used 2×4 lumber to build these simply legs which I later attached from inside the garden bed using 2 inch screws.

Raised garden bed legs made from two by four lumber
Raised garden bed legs attached from under the garden bed

Garden Bed Design Elements

With the basic structure of the garden bed complete, everything to come is really just for looks.

Using 1×6 cedar boards, I wrapped the sides of the garden bed. I decided to place the board right on top of one another but you can use a quarter or a card to create gaps between each board.

Raised garden wrapped in 6 inch cedar boards

Prep and Paint

After sanding down the garden bed, I used a universal primer to prepare the garden bed for the actual paint color. Keep in mind that cedar is an excellent exterior material so you could definitely choose to leave it bare.

French Beige Spray Paint

For my paint color I used French Beige 5-in-1 custom spray. This specific spray can comes with a tip that you can rotate to control how much paint you release. This feature made it easy to get in the nooks and crannies between each wood slat.

Slat Art Design

I wanted to add a retro sun design to my garden bed, so I used 1 inch wood slats to achieve the look.

Using a nail, string and sharpie, I created a circle to guide where I would cut each piece. Then using a jigsaw, I cut each slat.

I had spray painted my slats prior to cutting, but I would actually recommend you cut our your design, and then spray them down.

I covered all the nail and screw holes with wood filler rated for outdoor use.

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