How to Insulate A Garage Door

Working in a cold garage is uncomfortable and can make it challenging to maintain focus and dexterity which is important when building home projects. Stiff muscles and joints can increase the risk of accidents and injuries and we want to avoid that during all seasons.

Garage Door Insulation Final Result

I couldn’t afford to replace our garage door with something more substantial and with brutal winter weather around the corner, this was my solution to stay warm and productive: 

What I used to insulate my garage door:

Make sure your surface is as clean as possible so that the double sided table adheres properly. 

How to install insulation:

  1. Apply Double Sided Tape to your garage door. There is no need to cover every surface, simply lining the sides should be sufficient. 
  2. Cut Foam Board to size and install into each panel of your garage door. Press the foam board into the double sided tape and hold light pressure for a minute.
  3. Spray the foam board with adhesive spray and allow about a minute for the spray to get tacky. 
  4. Cut Reflective Insulation Sheet to size and install over the foam insulation board pieces. I recommend cutting the reflective sheet just slightly larger than your opening to make sure you have enough to tuck over the sides.

Watch It Here:

Applying double sided tae to garage door prior to insulating.
Cutting foam insulation and attaching. to garage door
Applying 3M adhesive spray to foam insulation board
Cutting reflective insulation sheet over foam insulation board

Insulation keeps cold air from coming in and hot air from escaping. This solution alone makes a huge difference but for added warmth, consider installing a heat source that is safe for your working conditions.

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