A BOLD Design for a Small Bathroom

Paint alone you can transform any room to match your unique personality and design style. I personally recommend taking a BOLD approach to small spaces – like this half bathroom!


In meeting with a Color Influencer to discuss my project, I compiled a list of things to consider before picking paint colors – natural light source, existing elements (tile), cool and warm tones, and more. This information helped me narrow down my color options.

Within a few days, peel and stick samples arrived and I was able to stick the samples throughout the room to confirm everything looks great in the space. Because I planned to include multiple colors on each wall, it was important to keep all colors on the warmer side, to ensure they looked great together. 

One of the most clever recommendations was to paint the ceiling and front wall, the same color. This paint trick would offer the illusion that the room is taller than it appears.


Dunn Edwards Paint Sheen Guide

I almost always opt for a matte paint finish because the walls in my home have some level of texture. I knew I would be adding a new vanity to this room and my plan was to paint the vanity a matte BLACK DEA 002 to contrast the room.

However, during my Color Consultation, I learned that a gloss finish could be ideal in a high touch space where cleanability is important. Along with my peel-and-stick paint samples, I received an Interior Sheen Guide. I held up the guide in the bathroom to see how the different sheens would reflect in the space. I ultimately  agreed that a glossy black would not only look great, but it would be the easiest to maintain over time.

After scuffing and priming my vanity, I applied a coat of black paint. It was important to roll paint with a well loaded roller to make sure the gloss paint did not dry with any streaks.


Painting a mini mural on a wall adds an eye-catching design element. Before starting a mini mural,  I recommend taking a picture of your space on your phone and mocking up your design. The goal for this mural was to bring interest to an otherwise empty wall.


Before taping out your design, make sure your base colors have been applied, in this case, Bungalow Gold (DET484) and Crisp Muslin (DE6212). When painting a large portion of the wall, make sure to properly load your roller to increase the amount of coverage you get and avoid having to apply multiple coats.


For this design, I taped off stripes and used a small blade to cut out soft curves that would result in a fun, symmetrical,  retro look. Prior to my final coat of paint, I applied  pressure to the tape to ensure a proper seal. Minor bleeding can be inevitable but not to worry, everything can be perfected  with a Mini Touch Up Brush

When you are happy with the layout of your mini mural, use a Perfecta Angle Brush to apply a coat over your taped design. I recommend peeling your tape up while the paint is still wet. 

By carrying the two tone look across all walls you duplicate the approach to an accent wall, making the whole room cohesive and bold!



A fresh coat of paint can instantly refresh the atmosphere of a room but picking the perfect color or colors is not always easy when you have to do it alone. By sampling paint from various curated color groups, and meeting with an expert Color Influencer, I was able to make this room feel cleaner, brighter, and more vibrant.

Half Bathroom Paint ideas

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