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It’s my favorite time of the year – Garden Girl season. I have spent the last few weeks preparing my small garden for florals and veggies. Now, if you are a professional extreme sports gardener, you may have fancy tools to maintain your garden. This roundup, however, is for all the garden fans who are figuring it out as they go and enjoying the journey.

Prepping the Garden Space

To clear the land where my garden was going to go, I scooped out all the grass and killed off any weeds using 45% vinegar and a garden pump sprayer from Home Depot.

The tines bow helped me clear any roots that were left behind as well as rake up any rocks that were in the soil.

I then tarped off the space with thick landscaping fabric. I recommend staying away from the plastic material, I noticed that where I used plastic weeds grew through so easily so I will not link or recommend that. After securing the fabric with these landscaping pins, I laid down black mulch.

I did encounter two chunky tree trunks and even a power tool wasn’t enough so I picked up a splitting axe and I felt like a baddie swinging that thing around.

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Raised Garden Beds

I cannot stress how much I love these raised garden beds. The color is so perfect (they also come in olive green, green, and grey) and stands out in my yard so nicely. These are modular so you can assemble them in different configurations that fit your space.

Brick Edging & Decor

The process for installing faux edging was so easy and looks great. I also more recently added this beautiful arbor/arch that makes my little ole garden look so legit.

I potted mint in its own rectangular pot and attached it to the garden bed using machine screws and cap nuts. Not only is this functional, it also adds a little bit of dimension to the shape of the garden beds.

Yard Care Tools

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