I Installed Faux Brick Edging


I came across this rubber edging while strolling the Home Depot garden center and I was sold! Vigoro’s flexible rubber edging is made from 95% recycled rubber which makes it flexible enough to install at a slight curve.

Brick was an option but frankly, I didn’t have the skill or time to dig into the ground to make sure the brick was perfectly secured into the ground –  this would require installing and perfectly aligning two stacked rows. Vigoro’s rubber edging was the perfect solution!

These edging pieces are scratch resistant so they meet the match of naughty dogs like Dean and Clark. They are also stain resistant – overall I think they will hold us great in our temperamental midwest weather.

Complete the pre drilled holes using a drill and 1/4 drill bit.

Each piece comes predrilled and with four plastic installation spikes that you can push through each hole to secure it to the ground. I used my Ryobi drill to complete the predrilled holes before securing it. 

We also had about one foot too much material so we cut the edging down with a reciprocating saw but the rubber can easily be cut down with a manual hack saw. 

Drive the plastic spikes through each pre drilled hole using a hammer or mallet.

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