How to DIY A Ceiling Mounted Shower Rod

Shower curtain but make it fashion! It is so easy to get an elevated look even with something as standard as shower hardware. Here is how I updated our bathroom in less than an hour.

All it takes is a pair of ceiling mounted brackets, which I’m pretty sure are meant for closets but who cares! You will also need one can of primer spray paint, and a second can of spray paint in your favorite color. If you find a paint + primer option suitable for stainless steel, opt for that.

Choosing a Bracket

You will need a Ceiling-Mount Bracket and there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Pick a length that will allow your curtains to hang all the way to the floor. You will also want the diameter of your bracket to be wide enough for the shower rod you plan to use.

Some bracket options: Option 1 (stainless steel), Option 2 (stainless steel), Option 3 (black)

Stainless steel ceiling mounted bracket

Painting Your Bracket

If you’re a fan of silver hardware, you’re in luck and you don’t have to do anything to your brackets. I personally wanted a matte brass finish.

  1. Lay out all your hardware pieces
  2. Spray paint each piece with primer specifically for stainless steal. Once fully dry…
  3. Spray paint each piece with paint color of your choice
  4. Let dry and repeat light spray paint coats as needed.
Spray painted shower mounted ceiling rod and hardware

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