How to Paint a Textured Ceiling

Textured walls are a huge pain and textured ceilings are truly even worse. This is how you paint a textured ceiling with crisp and clean edges.

My Painting Supplies

Use Frog Tape

I recommend using small strips to Frog Tape, no more than 24 inches at a time. Overlap the tape at each end to make the peeling process more seamless.

Press firmly to make sure the tape is properly sealed.

Apply Caulk

Apply a thin bead of DAP’s paintable caulk along the edge where the tape and ceiling meet. A little will go a long way.

Spread Caulk Into a Thin Seal

Using your finger (dipped in warm water) spread the bead of caulk across the edge of your ceiling. You want thin coverage as you spread the caulk.

While many people prefer to use a baby wipe to spread this thin, with textured walls, they will shred extremely easily and fast. Take it easy on your finger too!

Let the caulk dry for at least 20 minutes before starting to paint.

Cut in With a Paintbrush

Cutting just means you are painting the edge of your wall – nothing fancy. Load your paintbrush with a good amount of paint but not so much that it drips.

Paint alongside your edge – this may require multiple coats, especially with a ceiling as textured as mine.

Paint The Ceiling Surface

While the edge of your ceiling dries, get started painting the ceiling surface. I prefer to use a small roller because the mess is limited. If you’re here then the chances are your ceilings are textured too. I hate to break it to you but textured ceiling require more paint. I am sure there is a science to it but I won’t get into the details. Be prepared to paint on more than one coat.

Behr Dynasty is seriously amazing, the coverage is unlike any paint I have used so I HIGHLY recommend using this. Depending on the color you are painting, you may require less paint.

Enjoy a Satisfying Peel

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