How To Patch Small Holes with One Tool


There is one skill every person should master – patching holes.

When I was renting an apartment, it would drive me CRAZY not being able to hang things on my walls so I broke the rules. This is the skill that saved me my deposit. This patching product is specifically for small hole repairs.

Yes, I am encouraging you to master the skill of breaking the rules and hiding the evidence.

If you’re not ready to be a rule-breaker, 3M Command Strips are an excellent option – they have basic designs and luxurious options too.

I’m using this all-in-one tool by 3M.

Spreading hole repair paste
Use putty knife to flatter hole repair paste
Sanding pad for smoothing hole repair

How to Patch a Hole

  1. Squeeze out spackling compound into the hole/scratch that you need to fill
  2. Use the putty knife side of the tube to smooth out spackling compound ——Let it dry (30 mins)
  3. Once dry, use the sanding pad (on the cap) to sand down the spackling compound

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